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SIGN... Sagittarius Dec. 4th to be exact;)


PASSIONS …Family, music, visual art, travel, architecture  & anybody who knows me knows I LOVE food.


MUSIC IS MY…refuge.


I'VE BEEN INSPIRED LATELY BY….nature. Living in Nashville has provided a picturesque backdrop to this new chapter in my life.  The lush greenery, the radiant sun and the intermittent day showers are a delight to my creative eye. I am inspired daily by its beauty.


CREATING IS …a necessity. It is to me what food is to the body. I absolutely need it to sustain my life.


I KEEP IT FRESH ...with a Goorin Brothers hat and a matte red lipstick. 


GUILTY PLEASURE... reality shows.


I NEVER LEAVE THE HOUSE WITHOUT ….Revlon lip gloss and moisturizer.


FASHION ICON …June Ambrose for her feminine & empowered approach and use of color, fabric & prints. Mike Flo (MC/DJ) for his all out “I am one of a kind” style aesthetic.  Last but not least Prana Supreme is the ultimate fashion icon in my book.  Her style is effortless and carefree.  Pushing a boundary with edge and class simultaneously. 


3 FASHION DESIGNERS YOU'VE BEEN FEELING LATELY …Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood, Yves Saint Laurent.


I DREAM OF… a consistent peaceful state of being for myself and others.


ART DOESN'T … care if you agree or not.  It is simply there to convey the artists expression.



LOVE IS ….greatest form of understanding.

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SIGN... Leo (August 1)


PASSIONS …swimming (especially in the ocean), surfing, photography, singing, just about anything creative or water related.  Did I mention food cause food too.


MUSIC IS MY…rock, I can't do anything without it. Whether I’m in the kitchen making up a song about what we are cooking or listening to jazz, it just picks me up at the end of the day. 


I'VE BEEN INSPIRED LATELY BY….the endless artists in the world who are really in love with their craft.


CREATING IS ... the best outlet. It is such a pure release of energy.


I KEEP IT FRESH ... by wearing deodorant and always making sure my shoes are clean. 


GUILTY PLEASURE ... Not a single one! 


I NEVER LEAVE THE HOUSE WITHOUT … lipgloss and lotion. You never know when you or someone else will need some!


FASHION ICON … Although I don’t dress like her, Rihanna goes for anything she wants to no matter how unconventional. That’s something I really love about fashion - the more “crazy” it is, the more it’s like you’re walking around with an art piece on. For the old school style, Audrey Hepburn has a timeless feminine style that I adore. Also Gina from the Miyazaki film Porco Rosso.


3 FASHION DESIGNERS YOU'VE BEEN FEELING LATELY …Dolce & Gabbana, Storets, and Réalisation Par.


I DREAM OF … a world filled with love and laughter. Cliche but it’s a world we all desperately need.


ART DOESN'T … have a label of good or bad. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

ONE THING I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT IS…if we are talking material wise, I’d say my camera because I love capturing memories. I love reminiscing, and having photos and videos to look back on. But without my family there wouldn't be much to capture so I without a doubt can’t live without them.


LOVE IS … the greatest mystery of all time.

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